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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The elusive first of four Deliverance Albums

I have finally seen and heard the first of the four Deliverance albums. My memory of the album has faded over the years, and this album cover looks totally different than what I had pictured but it is, nevertheless, the first Deliverance Album. - To God Be The Glory.

The music is unique in that it departed from the church songs and hymns of previous Janz Team records, and concentrated on the more modern and youthful music of the day. Authors include Andrae Crouch, Bill and Gloria Gaither, Barry McGuire, Chuck Girard, as well as one by Deliverance member Nils Kjellstrom and another by Paul Janz.

Danny and Paul Janz had already been covering some of these composers on their previous albums, including one by Larry Norman... one of the earlier covers of Larry Norman's tunes. This new band Deliverance combined the Janz Team Singers with Danny and Paul and created a dynamic new tool to reach the youth of the mid-70's.


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