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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"Rarities and b-sides"

More and more groups are coming out with "Rarities and B-sides" albums, and I think that there is enough material for Deliverance to do the same. Of course that is hard to do if they are no longer a legal entity... but the fact remains that there is some cool stuff out there. Although there are only two b-sides, and nothing is really all that rare, I have created a new page to sample some stuff by Deliverance, JTS, and friends, you might not have heard before. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the new Rarities & B-sides link and enjoy. (Text and mp3's provided by Ben from Switzerland. Thanks Ben.) This is a work in progress. So far only half of the songs that I have are on the new page.


Blogger Michelle said...


Thanks so much for this stuff. I think for the majority of us, this stuff is very rare, and beyond the scope of most people ever attaining. Even the National Archives of Canada doesn't hold much Janz information - odd, when you consider that Paul was a huge Canadian musical icon. Now I'm just waiting to find someone with a copy of Paul's "Songwriter" album - which was never released commercially, but used to demonstrate Paul's work to potential employers (would that be the word you'd use in the ad industry?). Someone out there must have an old copy lying around - I hope they all haven't been tossed in landfills.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Daryl said...

I believe there is one song on YouTube from that demo disc. I will find it and post it here.
I think Janz Team sees their music as a ministry, not a business. So it's not advertised, and it's sold mainly through live concerts and conferences.
Reprints of some of their old stuff can be purchased here: http://www.janzteam.de/jtshop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2_6_7

2:50 PM  

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